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about your surroundings.


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Thank you for visiting our university. You explored 0/21 locations.



  1. The Clocktower

  2. Student Accommodation

  3. Eastern Avenue

  4. Fisher Library

  5. Abercrombie Lecture Theatre

  6. Abercrombie Building

  7. Charles Perkins Centre

  8. X Lab at the CPC

  9. The Graffiti Tunnel

  10. The Quadrangle

  11. Arena Sports Centre

  12. Law Library

  13. Sydney Nano Institute

  14. Getting Around Sydney

  15. Sydney Harbour

  16. Bondi Beach

  17. Newtown

  18. University Oval 1

  19. Manning Bar

  20. The Quadrangle at Night

  21. The Clocktower at Dusk

Press to pause the film and explore.
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